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The Divine is Love

The Divine is Love brings the coexistence of Mata Ji Sutra Maha Devi  with the devotes of Ramana Ashram-Brasil. With the authenticity of  who lives the spiritual teachings on a daily basis, Mataji   explains to us that the greatest manifestation of the divine is love. And to be aware of this divine energy it is necessary to see, to feel what is behind the manifested body. When we look at a flower we should not stop at the plant but see what is behind it, what has manifested it. We are not separate, the same energy that manifested the flower runs in all of us and makes us aware, integrated into the universe.  Feeling true love requires silencing the mind and eliminating the ego. Only in that way we reach the neutral point, and this feeling of divine love transforms us - we abandon our attachments, we transmute suffering, and the feeling of supreme peace invades our being.

(355 pages)

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