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The Man of Aquarius

The Man of Aquarius brings the message of the New Age to all people. This is neither a new fad nor another alternative to escape from the problems imposed by the conditions of life.

We find ourselves face to face with the great enigma that has always filled the imagination and writings of thinkers and poets: ourselves. The Man of Aquarius leads us within ourselves where we will find simplicity and the naturalness of being.

The Man of Aquarius shows us how peace is possible; harmony can be constant and pain non-existent.

The New Age is open, according to the prophecy of the pyramid of Queops. Now only the internal values have a place. The churches of stone give way to the Temple of Truth, where the consciousness of the Supreme Self shines.

It is impossible to present the Man of Aquarius as he really is. To really know him one must merge into his teachings with an open heart, prepared to receive abundantly, because he imparts wisdom in abundance, which springs from his full consciousness of the Supreme Self.

(304 pages)

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