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The Circle of Light

Sri Maha Krishna Swami reveals before us a magnificent circle, attended by Great Masters. The eternal teachings are presented in a clear, precise and creative language. Poetry and objectivity alternate, forming a brilliant nuance of irresistible beauty.

The real essence, which we all are, is presented by the Cosmic Christ showing that Truth is not restricted to a time or specific place, nor remains imprisoned in sacred words through tradition.

We are invited to participate in all the joy of existing, in a simple manner, without mystery or gear, having within our reach the Truth of the Masters: the Truth felt, the Truth known, the Truth replete with joy, the incontestable Truth that makes us go towards self-consciousness.

Listen to the voice of silence. Observe how the birds gear the call of their companions on the waves of the breeze. The voice of the Divine Self speaks throughout time in the form of each Master, in the mouth of the sages, in the pure smile of children, in these pages. More than this speaks in the depth of each being. Listen to it and return to your divine origin.

(263 pages)

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