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Ramana My Master

RAMANA MY MASTER presents the sage of Arunachala with all authenticity, in his daily living in the Ashram, witnessed by Sri Maha Krishna Swami, who lived there for some years.

In this book we are taken to Arunachala, at the feet of the Master, we learn directly from him, led by Sri Maha Krishna Swami who, after having vivified within himself all the teachings, transmits them with absolute fidelity and plenitude.

We are transported to the presence of Ramana and we feel that his teachings can never be restricted to a space and a time. He speaks to each one of us, in any time, in any place. He indicates us the right and safe manner to walk the direct path of self-knowledge, leaving behind, in a definitive and safe way, the illusory , untying us from the false values and holding us to the Only Truth, fully living the eternal present, conscious of our unity with the Supreme Self.

(288 pages)

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